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The Green Team

Beit Haverim is proud to participate in The Green Team originated by LOUCC, with whom we share space.  The mission of The Green Team as stated by LOUCC follows.

“The Green Team looks forward to carrying out all aspects of its designated mission: The purpose of the Green Team is to honor, protect, and inform others about the treasures of creation which give humans and all other beings our very lives. The Green Team shall promote dialog around environmental issues. The Green Team shall encourage and advise the teams, the congregation, and the community to adopt earth friendly practices through ongoing education. The Green Team shall work to empower LOUCC to become a voice of hope in the climate crisis, grounding our actions in faith.” 

Members of Beit Haverim participate in various aspects of the mission, including improving the grounds to include native plants, removing invasive ones, maintaining the bioswales and gardens created by LOUCC, practicing sustainability in all aspects of the shared space, learning and teaching about environmental and climate issues, and more.

Beit Haverim welcomes your interest in the Green Team and hopes that you will contact to find out more and to work with the team.

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784