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Religious School

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At Beit Haverim, our religious school helps children build a strong Jewish identity and commitment to Judaism. At every grade level, pre-K through Confirmation, we build community through study and practice of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), Tzedakah (charitable giving), T'fillah (worship), and Torah.

Meet our Religious School Director: Kim Kent, Ed.D.

Kim has been a long time member of Beit Haverim, and both her children had their b’nai mitzvah here. Kim has also been an elementary school teacher for the past 17 years, and recently completed her doctorate in education. Her role at Beit Haverim includes curriculum development, teacher support, and special events planning. She enjoys working with the religious school to create richer and deeper learning experiences for our students.

Our Integrative, Interactive Curriculum

To better meet the needs of your individual child, classes are now based on content rather than grade level. Because of this structure, you will notice an overlap in the suggested grade levels for our classes. Please click here to contact Kim Kent if you would like to discuss which class best fits your child's needs.

Exploration of Judaism for Young Children:   Pre-K - 1st Grade

In this class, we explore Judaism in all its aspects -- we sing, dance, listen to stories, explore Tanach, and introduce Hebrew. Our focus is holidays and our own interaction with Judaism and our community.

Prerequisites: Students should be potty-trained, able to pay attention and listen to directions for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, and comfortable with separation from parents for about an hour.

Foundations of Judaism I:   1st - 3rd Grade

This class is divided into 3 focuses throughout the year: 1) the fundamental idea of Torah and Shabbat; 2) basic Hebrew and decoding; and 3) study of prayers, specifically the Amidah. The concept of chosenness and Brits (contracts or agreements) will be explained through Torah stories, specifically that of revelation and other fundamental narratives such as the story of Noah and Abraham. Historical sources for such tales will be touched on, such as the creation story. At this time we will do activities relating to the heroic journey. The class will learn Hebrew through games, songs, and art projects. All of this culminates in learning the Amidah and its foundations. Interwoven into our classes will be lessons about Jewish holidays as they occur throughout the year.

Prerequisites: Students should be able to participate in solo and group activities ranging from 10 to 30 minutes, follow instructions from teachers, adjust behavior to fit the classroom agreement (to be drafted in class on day 1), and be willing to learn and grow as students in general, and specifically in a religious school environment.

Foundations of Judaism II:   3rd - 5th Grade

In this class, we examine the rhythms of the Jewish calendar, holidays, and practices throughout the course of the year in relationship to the cycles of the seasons. We explore what it means to "be Jewish" in the context of family, history, personal practice, heritage, and the wider world. 

Prerequisites: Students should be able to read and write comfortably and should be able to have a conversation with adults and peers for 10 to 15 minutes. Previous experience with Judaism is helpful but not required.

Pre-B'nai Mitzvah Class:   5th - 8th Grade

In this class, we deepen and expand upon topics related to traditional and cultural Judaism, current affairs, Jewish literature, the Tanach, Israel, and WWII. We explore Judaism in all its aspects, and our class is unit-based, depending on the year and opportunities in the community. We respect our space as sacred and safe. In the past, we have focused on Jewish migration from Eastern Europe to North America, leadership through the ages, Midrash (Jewish tales that fill in "gaps" in the Torah), the Enlightenment and Holocaust, and Prophets. Our learning is discussion-based, with multiple opportunities for creative expression -- including art and writing -- and field trips. We are leaders and ambassadors in the Beit Haverim community, and as such, the students are expected to act accordingly. 

Prerequisites: Students should have at least one year of structured religious school education and be familiar with Jewish holidays, rituals, and major stories and figures in the Torah. Students need the ability to listen and share during discussions, read chapter books, and take basic notes. Students need the maturity to discuss sensitive topics with compassion and must be able to focus for 40 minutes.

Hebrew is taught in every class; we also offer the following dedicated Hebrew classes after Religious School classes, from 4:30-5:30pm on Sundays.

Beginning Hebrew:   4th Grade (or 3rd Grade with special exception)

This class introduces students to Hebrew in a structured setting. We will learn letters of the aleph bet, vowels, and basic Hebrew decoding. Additionally, we will learn in many modalities, including reading, art, and movement orientations.

Prerequisites: Students should be in at least the third grade, able to decode and read English, able to attend 3 hours of religious school on Sundays.

Intermediate Hebrew:    5th Grade

In Intermediate Hebrew, students further their learning of the aleph bet, vowels, and decoding. Students advance at their own pace, or in conjunction with other students working at the same level. We will be using a Hebrew book and printed materials, depending on need. Students will advocate for themselves with regard to their learning. 

Prerequisites: Students should have one year of structured Hebrew education, the ability to recognize 20 of the 22 letters, the five basic vowels, and the ability to decode two syllable words. Exceptions will be made according to an evaluation.

Advanced Hebrew:    6th Grade

This class is a natural continuation of Intermediate Hebrew, with a focus on reading fluency and prayer practice. Advanced Hebrew is student driven, with a focus on independent and partner practice. We will be using printed materials and the Mishkan Tefila prayerbook. With a focus on fluency and prayer, this is considered a pre-requisite to Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation. 

Prerequisites: Students must have at least one to two years of structured Hebrew learning, be able to decode multiple syllabic words, and sight-read basic prayer words after little practice. Exceptions will be made according to an evaluation.

Confirmation Class:   Post B'nai Mitzvah

This Jewish enrichment class for post-B’nai Mitzvah students is led by Rabbi Berg.

Weekly T’fillah Service is  apart of our Education Program. This brief worship services lets students participate in synagogue prayers and find personal meaning in them. 

Adult Studies: While students are in class, parents often meet in the Fireside Room for bagel chat, learning opportunities, and social time.

Religious School meets on Sundays from 2:30 – 4:30pm.

Hebrew Classes meet on Sundays from 4:30 – 5:30pm.

See calendar for details on school dates and events.

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