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Kleinstein Scholar Sessions


Rabbi Sanford Seltzer Lecture Series, October 2021

Adoption, Adaptation, Rejection
Three Sessions: October 12, 19 and 26 at 12:00pm
Live on Zoom

Oct 12
How It All Began: A Synagogue Centered Judaism And The Early Church: Some Notable Controversies and Similarities
Oct 19
Peter (Shimon -Hebrew, Cephas -Aramaic, Petra -Greek) Paul (Shaul -Hebrew) and the Two Mary's (Miriam) Revisited
Nov 2 (rescheduled from Oct 26)
Jesus Of Nazareth, Teacher, Prophet, Son of God, Savior, Heretic?  Jewish and Christian Perspectives


The Jewish Roots of Christianity - October 12 session
The Jewish Roots of Christianity - October 19 session
The Jewish Roots of Christianity - November 2 session

Our call with Arlo was amazing! His stories were not only entertaining, but we learned so much. If you missed the Zoom call with Arlo, please click here to view it.  

Arlo Guthrie is our August Kleinstein Scholar
Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 12:00pm

Stories, thoughts, memories, and maybe some singin

From Woodstock to Alice’s Restaurant to City of New Orleans to (over 40) concerts in Portland to Beit Haverim.

"And I want to be around
When all over this world
You can't hear a sound 'cept everyone
Singing songs of glory in the sun

Arlo Guthrie, I Want To Be Around


Amazing Grace

City of New Orleans

Goodnight Irene

A Sojourn in the World of Kabbalah and Zohar


Sunday, December 6
Introduction to the Zohar The Book of Radiance
The Primary Source of Mystical Truths

Sunday, December 13
Parashat Va - Yeshev Joseph and his Brothers
The Zoharic Interpretation

Sunday, December 20           1:30pm - 2:45pm
Parashat Mi-Qets Pharoah's Dream and Joseph's Release from Prison
The Zoharic Interpretation


December 20: Selections from Parashat Mi - qets

December 20: Pages from The Zohar Matt Edition

December 13: Selections From Parashat Va -Yeshev

From Daniel Matt's Translation of the Zohar

A Brief Sojourn in the World of Kabbalah and Zohar

The Zohar and its Origins

The Ten Sefirot

The Phallic Symbolism of the Zohar

Zohar Quote


Sat, November 27 2021 23 Kislev 5782