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Jewish History Film Series

Beit Haverim Jewish History Film Series Presents:
- The League of Extraordinary Women
- Hannah Arendt and Deborah Chessler
- Plus Gareth Jones.

All Films Are Available Online At No Cost Through Your Library From

This winter’s Beit Haverim Jewish History Film Series provides a break from all of those wonderful books we’ve been enjoying, but for these three films, we can ‘read’ in a different way.
These films are available at no cost online through the Multnomah County Libraries (and many other library systems).  A description of how to easily access these films follows below. To access these films online from library, go to Select log in, and you will need to select one of the several methods available: Facebook, Google Mail, set up a Kanopy account or use your library card. Once online, use the Kanopy search engine to locate the films. Also currently available on Amazon Prime or Hulu.
Please view the films before each class. Three classes, one for each film, will be led by Rabbi Berg to discuss the ideas in each film.

1. Hannah Arendt Writes Eichmann In Jerusalem.
Film: Hannah Arendt
Discussion:  January 21, 12:00pm
Zoom Link

The Banality of Evil and Eichmann In Jerusalem. This is the award-winning film biography of Arendt, played brilliantly by Barbara Sukowa, and directed by Margarethe von Trotta. It is a remarkable film of history and actually debates of ideas in a dramatically successful film. Subtitled. An epic film, oddly like Lawrence of Arabia.  Settle in. Make notes.

2. Deborah Chessler, Sonny Til and The Orioles.    
Modern America is Born.
Film: Streetlight Harmonies
Discussion:  February 4, 12:00pm
Zoom Link

The first part of this documentary film focuses on The Orioles and Deborah Chessler. The film then explores the impact of their revolution. A 22-song collection of the musical Soul Harmony, that tells their story is available at no charge on YouTube and Spotify. Ask For Soul Harmony. R&B Is Born.

3. Stalin Creates A Famine in The Ukraine.
Gareth Jones and The Heartache Of Truth.
Film: Mr. Jones
Discussion:  February 9, 12:00pm
Zoom Link

Forgotten Truths. The Price We Pay.
CAUTION: Not for children at all.
This is the highly disturbing story of Gareth Jones, the sole journalist to report on the Russian-created Ukraine Famines of the 1930's. The film, not a documentary, is based on the scholarship of Professor Timothy Snyder and his books Bloodlands and Black Earth. You are welcome to attend the discussion group without watching the film because I do not encourage the watching of this film by everyone. It contains inappropriate sexual material, famine, and political violence. By way of contrast, it is degrees more difficult than Schindler’s List.

Supporting Content:

‘Oligarchy Won the Cold War’: The Timothy Snyder Interview — Gaslit Nation:

Hannah Arendt Ideology and Terror:

Hannah Arendt - Eichmann in Jerusalem Audiobook:

Hannah Arendt (1964) - Eichmann, Banality, Guilt & Obedience:

Soul Harmony R&B Is Born: The Story Of Deborah Chessler, Sonny Til and The Orioles:

Georgia’s glorious Warnock-Ossoff, Black-Jewish Democratic alliance is beats the pro-Trump mob -

Isabel Wilkerson’s ‘Caste’ Is an ‘Instant American Classic’ About Our Abiding Sin:


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