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Yom Chamishi, 4 Iyyar 5778

Jerusalem Post
  1. White House works to fill its own vacuum in Syria with allied Arab forces

    Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates would be expected to take part.
  2. 70 plus one: Reasons I love Israel

    I’ve been writing these columns in honor of Independence Day for nearly a decade and a half, but I never run out of new reasons for loving the country.
  3. Polarization on Israel thrives at America's fringes

    Anti-Israel activists on the Left are trying to wrench control of the Democratic Party while white nationalists on the Right treat Zionism as a cover for their racism.
  4. Foreign Ministry produces Disney-quality video telling Israel's story… in Farsi

    40,000 people viewed the video.
  5. Netanyahu-Edelstein fight mars torch-lighting ceremony

    Miri Regev mocked for ‘inviting Margaret Thatcher.’

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