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Yom Chamishi, 7 Av 5778

Jerusalem Post
  1. Analysis: Much ado about a Jewish nation-state

    But the truth is, Netanyahu has been doing very well in the polls lately and did not need the new law. And beyond politics, what will be the bill’s practical impact?
  2. US Jewish groups furious at Jewish Nation-State Law

  3. U.S. consulate cancels visit to Nablus following Palestinian protests

    The Palestinian Authority leadership has been boycotting US administration officials since President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December 2017.
  4. Palestinians slam nation-state law as ‘racism, apartheid’

    The Palestinian Authority's Information Ministry in Ramallah said that the nation-state law is a declaration of war on the Palestinians’ land, rights, identity, and language.
  5. Top security heads meet to asses situation in the South

    Hamas mortar lands near cowshed in Eshkol Regional Council after IAF strikes balloon launchers.

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